Draw on a plot (map) to get a SpatVector or SpatExtent object for later use. After calling the function, start clicking on the map. When you are done, press ESC. You can also preset the maximum number of clicks.

This does to work well on the default RStudio plotting device. To work around that, you can first run dev.new(noRStudioGD = TRUE) which will create a separate window for plotting, then use plot() followed by click() and click on the map .

# S4 method for character
draw(x="extent", col="red", lwd=2, id=FALSE, n=1000, xpd=TRUE, ...)



character. The type of object to draw. One of "extent", "polygon", "line", or "points"


the color to be used


the width of the lines to be drawn


logical. If TRUE, a numeric ID is shown on the map


the maximum number of clicks (does not apply when x=="extent" in which case n is always 2


logical. If TRUE, you can draw outside the current plotting area


additional graphics arguments for drawing


SpatVector or SpatExtent

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